Carr McClellan

Marketing case study

The challenge

The challenge

Founded in 1945 by beloved local leaders, Carr McClellan isn’t your ordinary law firm. It has deep roots in the Burlingame community. Over 75 years of service, their team touched and improved many lives. The problem was that most of those people were unaware of the firm’s history and community involvement. Therefore, it was our goal to tell Carr McClellan’s story, build brand equity and propel it into the future.

Originally, the Carr McClellan team planned to host an in-person gala with their partners, clients and community members. Then, COVID-19 happened. (Remember her?) The pandemic presented particularly interesting challenges for our client because their team and clients are old school, so high-tech digital experiences weren’t going to fly. Our biggest challenge, though, was how to succinctly tell a 75-year-old story to two different audiences: the current stakeholders and the next generation of clients and attorneys.

The services

For the duration of the ad, the average session length on the campaign landing page was 0:00:47, meaning users actually stuck around to watch and read the content. Plus, the average pages per session was 1.4, meaning those users also tended to click to other pages. All of this resulted in an ad cost per engagement of $0.03, which (not to toot our own horn) is pretty great.

To complement the paid social, we also launched a 75-day-long organic campaign in October. Each day for 75 days, we release one fact about Carr McClellan’s history, starting with its founding in 1945. The tiles were beautifully branded, and many included historical photographs that were huge hits with both the firm’s team and their followers. By November, their page had a 1,054% increase in engagement rate, a 320% increase in reach and a 208% increase in impressions!

What we discovered was that with the right content strategy and consistent organic social and strategic social advertising, we were able to ideate and execute an efficient, effective campaign that gained a great deal of visibility and awareness for the Carr McClellan brand.

"Thank you for very good presentations, your prompt turnaround times and for always being so transparent in our communications. I’ve had colleagues come up to me with very positive comments about your content”.
— Kimberly Culp

The data

  • Achieved 33% email open rate (50% higher than industry average)
  • Achieved 11% email click rate (291% higher than industry average)
  • Increased social media engagement by 1,054%
  • Boosted social media reach by 320%
  • Increased social media impressions by 208%
  • Yielded a $0.03 cost per engagement on social campaigns

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