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We are digital strategists and event marketing experts.

Let us guess: you need a strong digital footprint in an increasingly competitive landscape, and you also need to be able to track offline successes to see how and if they translate online. Are we right? If so, you clicked to the right place.

We believe people buy from people. This is true whether you're a midsize B2B or a small B2C. That's why relationship development through storytelling and a tailored marketing strategy is critical. It establishes a brand as an accessible industry leader and shortens the time from first contact to conversion.

There is no line in the sand between online and offline communications with your consumer anymore. Digital and experiential marketing are inseparable, so a holistic approach isn't just "nice to have," it's absolutely necessary. At EMB, it's our job as your full-service marketing partner to deliver SMART marketing strategies across online and offline channels that—yeah, you guessed it—elevate your brand.

Digital Strategy
  • Branding


    Image is everything... almost. Translating your vision into a logo with the right look and feel is only the first step in a comprehensive marketing strategy. From there, we work with you to write copy, develop audience psychographics, create collateral and more in order to convey your visual story.


  • Web Design

    Web Design

    Whether we're building an app, a landing page or a custom e-commerce store, our development team will deliver an effective, functional product that is the center of your digital universe—but still out of this world.

    Spin My Web

  • Social Media

    Social Media

    Most people spend around 2.5 hours a day on social media. That includes your consumer. Luckily, we "speak social," so our social media team can create high-impact campaigns that create buzz around your brand. When can we start?


  • Content Development

    Content Development

    Content is queen. Consistent, compelling and actionable content is necessary to drive organic traffic. Plus, if you create branded content relevant to your audience's interests, you can establish yourself as an industry leader.

    Create My Content

Event Marketing
  • Event Production

    Event Production

    Let's schmooze! Whether it's a Los Angeles gala for 1,000 people, a simple networking shindig or an intimate gathering for C-suite industry professionals, we handle the details so you can enjoy the party.

    Plan My Event

  • Strategic Partnerships

    Strategic Partnerships

    When you have the brand but not the budget, partnering with non-competitive and ancillary companies is the smartest way to reach and retain new audiences. Sometimes it's co-producing events, and sometimes it's sharing social media content, but it's always SMART. Let's play matchmaker!


Legal Services

Trademarks, contracts, negotiations, oh my! Our CEO, Laurel Mintz, has extensive Intellectual Property and Corporate Transactional experience. Once we build your brand, we can protect it too. 

Protect My Brand