Digital Mindmap

The best thing about digital marketing is that there are so many opportunities. And the worst thing about it is that there are so many opportunities. It takes a lot of effort to choose the right channels, determine the right audience, and create the right collateral. The thought of putting it all into a comprehensive plan? No thank you! But that’s where our expert strategists come in.

As a center-brained agency driven by data but inspired by creative, we’ve built a detailed exploratory process to make digital marketing way less daunting: first an educational Digital Mindmap, then an inspirational Creative Mindmap, and then an analytical Roadmap.

Bubble chart with online and offline marketing opportunities

From Digital Mindmap to Digital Marketing

A Digital Mindmap is a one-hour whiteboard session where our marketing mavens outline multiple areas of opportunity to elevate your brand consistently and cohesively across online and offline channels. It also allows you to get a sense of our process and our team. We find that the Mindmap alleviates the stress of the unknown and pinpoints critical gaps in your digital strategy. At the end of the session, you walk away (or, you know, log out) with clearer goals and paths to achieve them.

During the interactive meeting, we can dive deep into any of the following based on your needs:

  • Marketing goals

  • Marketing budget and allocation

  • Marketing touchpoints

  • Marketing funnel 

  • Marketing SWOT analysis

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