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  • We get it…

    You’re tired of working with massive, overpriced agencies that don’t deliver and move like molasses.  What you need is more hours in the day, more creative ideas, more hands on deck and more from your agency partner. We’ve got you!

  • Verizon Digital Media Services

    “Their team executed seamlessly and brought us fresh, custom design concepts. We enjoyed working with them so much in fact that we immediately engaged them for 2018.” Mary Kay Evans, CMO 

  • The Blueprint of Ad Spending

    Is there a blueprint to ad spending on your digital marketing? Laurel discusses where you should allocate your budget and how to get the most of your digital buck!

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  • Strategy & Execution
    Any agency can give you a great idea.  We go from research to ideation to strategy to full execution.  We're full service, and we mean it.
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    Creative & Content
    It's loud out there.  So how can you cut through all the noise? Great brands start with great storytelling.  We give good narrative.
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    Visibility & Awareness
    Organic is only for fruits and vegetables.  Successful brands know it's pay to play.  Our advertising team puts your money where your mouth is.
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    In a digital world, it's that much more important to connect with your customers IRL (in real life).  We create experiences as intimate or as broad as your targets.
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  • Squishmallows

    “EMB has navigated the tricky digital waters with their comprehensive marketing approach and made it an engaging, creative process. We saw exponential visibility and sales growth in just a few short months. We couldn’t have done it without EMB.” Jonathan Kelly, CEO

  • Ready To Get Started?
    Great!  We can't wait to meet you.  Just a few questions and we will be on our way to a beautiful relationship. 
    9 Steps
    Need a crash course on marketing before getting started?  We got you.  We've created an easy 9-step guide just for you.