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    Squishmallows Marketing Case Study

    Once you touch a Squishmallow....you just know. You’ve fallen in love with the cuddly, soft texture, “marshmallow-like” filling, and of course, the cute designs. Our experience was no different. As soon as we touched the product for the first time, we couldn’t wait to get involved with this new brand.

    Here’s how we brought Squishmallows to the masses, creating a brand loved by bloggers, parents, grandparents, kids, teens and even animals alike. 

    The Challenge/Work

    Prior to bringing our team, and partner, Tellem Grody Public Relations, on board, the public had never heard of Squishmallows....nor had most people heard of Kellytoy, the 30-year-old toy manufacturer parent company. Building their legacy on white-label, wholesale and b2b brands, Squishmallows was set to be the first Kellytoy consumer facing brand, and we were on a tight timeline to create impact with less than 5 months to create a fan base before products hit shelves in Walgreens across the US. 

    We jumped right to work creating a brand identity and collateral that resonated with the products’ unique soft, yet vibrant look. We set up social media platforms, created and implemented both consumer facing and buyer facing ads, designed and built an e-commerce website, sent products to influencers and press, created a database, built tradeshow looks and materials, created sales presentations, developed character identities....you name it, we did it all.

    As soon as product hit the shelves in the fall, and with an e-commerce launch only less than a month behind, things kicked into high gear. People were buying Squishmallows like crazy, even driving across multiple states to get the exact character they wanted for their collection. UGC and engagement was and continues to be off the charts, with fans sending us pictures of them and their Squishmallows, drawings of their Squishmallows, and even ideas for new characters, which we turned into a give-back opportunity. We’ve also received hundreds of requests for Squishmallows to be available in several other countries, something that Kellytoy has in the works for this year.

    Since initial launch, Squishmallows introduced 60+ new characters to their original 8 squad members, including the Zoo Squad, Baby Squad, Sealife Squad and Stackables! Hug Mee’s are the latest addition to the Squishmallows family hitting shelves this Fall 2019. Squishmallows continue to make a splash in the plush industry!

    Results: January 2018-Present

    • Click through rate (CTR) on all paid advertising is 20% higher than industry average
    • Website traffic has grown by over 353% 
    • Social Media following has grown to 140K+ 
    • Social media engagement has grown 83% since November 1st 2018 
    • Average email marketing open rates are 2x industry average
    • 200+ Million Media Impressions 
    • Featured in 300+ publications 
    • 254% ROI on Influencer marketing campaigns
    • 2 Million Impression from Influencer marketing campaigns
    • Winner of 4 awards in 2019, including Plush Toy of the Year Award and National Parenting Product Awards
    • Sold in 40+ Countries around the world 

    Kudos for Squishmallows

    “Run, fly, jump, skip, speed —whatever —get yourself a Squishmallow ASAP.”

    “(My kids’) obsession is real for Squishmallows, and now we are collecting them all.”

    “You have got to get one to try them out! I really don’t think anyone would be disappointed in them.”

    “We LOVE our (Squishmallows)! They are sooooosoft and great for sensory play.”

    “I am a proud member of the SquishmallowsSquad—that means I totally love them and have a collection (or 'squad') of my own.”

    “I’m obsessed and so are the kids.”

    “I can’t I can’t stop hugging them. Really cute.”

    “Are they not the cutest thing ever? I have to stress that there is no better plush for you little one as these are squishy, soft amazing stuffed animals that make the perfect favorite stuffed animal for everyone and anyone! With the Holidays around the corner they are the perfect gift too!”

    “Insanely soft, adorably designed and truly marshmallow-like in their squishiness, these super-snuggly stuffiesproved irresistible to our testers.”

    “(My kids) absolutely loved these Squishmallowsever since we received them. Sometimes they use them as pillows to lay on and sometimes they just cuddle with them at night they are super soft and I am kind of jealous. I want my own so I will definitely have to get one.”

    “Calling all parents! (My daughter) got one of these Squishmallows for her third birthday and has slept with it every night since. It is super soft and well, squishy! I love the material and have “borrowed” it a couple of times from Adalyn. It is still in the same condition as it was in 5 months ago which is a good sign!”

    “I'm all grown up and I fell in love with these too.”

    “I have a prize box in my classroom, and my students, even though they are older, lovethese little animals. I put the clip-on ones in the box, and everything else available was instantly invisible because these were in the mix. And it wasn't just the girls who liked them either.”

    “Squishmallowsare simply irresistible! When you first see them, it’s definitely ‘hug at first sight!’”

    “The SQUISH is fun and addictive (and not just for kids, kids at heart too)!”

    “I can say with absolutely honesty that I wanted Simon for one of my kids or grandkids (we all live together). But sorry to say –I am keeping him for me!”

    “Squishmallowsare super soft marshmallow-like plush that everyone is guaranteed to love. I know they’ve been a hit in my house since they showed up for the first time last year just before Christmas. My daughter still sleeps with her first Squishmallowscat every night. She loves how super plush and soft it is. I think if it was up to her she would replace all of her bed pillows with Squishmallowsinstead.”

    “Nothing could have prepared us for just how soft the plush truly is.”“These are the best toys in my gift guide. I cannot WAIT to give them to my girls!”