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  • Perfec-Tone Marketing Case Study

    Perfec-Tone Marketing Case Study

    The Challenge

    Perfec-Tone’s previous look was too mature for its younger fan base. 

    We strengthened the brand voice and identity, updated the logo, fonts, and tagline, delivered an updated brand book, product booklets, sales guides, training materials for staff and branded collateral, boosted presence on social media platforms, created strategic ads, launched a brand new e-commerce website, redesigned product packaging, wrote and published blogs, created engaging email campaigns, and conducted market research.

    The result is a redesigned product and service line that matches the customer base, presented in a updated B&M store and an e-commerce site equipped to handle the increase in international sales. 


    • Facebook total engagement reached over 3.4M
    • Increased Facebook likes from 761 to 25k
    • Increased Instagram followers by 318%
    • Increased website traffic by 312%
    • Successful rebrand to speak to and attract target customers 
    • Launched international e-commerce site