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  • Organic Initiative Marketing Case Study

    Organic Initiative Marketing Case Study

    The Challenge

    Organic Initiative had built a name for itself in New Zealand as a leading feminine care brand that provides 100% pure, certified organic cotton products that are biodegradable and hypoallergenic. They are led by a passionate team of women creating global change by inspiring more people to care for themselves and their environment. With their recent US launch, Oi’s goal was to corner the organic feminine hygiene market by being the best in and for the world.

    EMB was tasked with finding a way to make their philosophy a message that all women would embrace.

    The Services

    • Social Media
    • Content Strategy
    • Digital Campaign Strategy
    • Influencer Management
    • Advertising

    The Goal

    Their goals include creating social media campaigns that resonates with “every day women” and inspires them to lead the revolution of change from non-biodegradable plastic tampons and pads to organic products that contain no chemicals or toxins and decrease environmental pollution. With an aggressively growing category, their US awareness needed to be fast while remaining true to their core ethos of transparency. 

    Oi wants women to know that when they say yes to Oi, they say yes to their health and their environment. They also say yes to making the world around them a better place for future generations. 

    This messaging needed to resonate with their US audience in a way that made women take action to change the way they thought about their feminine hygiene products in order to make the switch to Organic Initiative.

    The Results

    Once EMB took over Oi’s social channels we developed content that Oi’s core audience would resonate with. We wanted to start conversations around improving women’s health and how making small changes to their everyday lives that would have a large impact on the global ecosystem.

    Month over month their number of followers and engagement continue to grow, and Organic Initiative’s US audience have begun to champion the products and the messaging behind what the brand stands for.

    We look forward to continued exponential growth.

    • Page reaches in the US increased from 148,400/m to over 1.6 M/m in 4 months
    • Engagement on Oi’s Facebook page doubled
    • Facebook reach increased by 95%
    • Instagram followers doubled in 4 months
    • Instagram profile views increased by 85%
    • E-mail clicks tripled
    • Instagram reach increased by 4 times its original audience
    • Oi launched in 3,000+ US Walmart Stores
    • 127 H.E.B locations in Texas
    • Oi will launch in CVS and Bed, Bath & Beyond stores nationwide by the end of 2019