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  • Jane Israel Marketing Case Study

    Jane Israel Marketing Case Study

    The Challenge

    Originally, Jane's goal was to turn her dreams into reality by increasing the visibility and awareness of her functional line of clothing for female professionals looking for office appropriate yet stylish wardrobes. Considering that the brand was in start-up mode and that budgets were limited, EMB was tasked with creating actionable strategies and creative campaigns that moved the needle but didn't break the pocketbook in order to expedite brand growth.


    • Fixed technical and content issues on the website
    • Disavowed negative backlinks
    • Standardized social channels
    • Conducted a keyword audit
    • Developed social media platform personas
    • Devised organic social strategy with monthly focuses
    • Published regular content across channels
    • Developed email marketing strategy and plan
    • Launched successful social ads campaigns
    • Grew social media following
    • Grew subscriber list

    The Results

    EMB began monitoring website activity in August of 2021. Since then, we saw an uptick in users, sessions and page views, with new users making up 192.9% of the website activity. Around Q4, there tends to be a dropoff in website visits due to online fatigue during the holidays. However, Jane experienced the opposite. This was a direct result of an organic social and social ads push that were tailored for her brand. 

    We also saw 658% increase in newsletter subscribers, which created another valuable touchpoint for visibility and brand awareness. Along with this significant subscriber expansion, we saw post engagement increased by20,210% and new followers, across all platforms, increased by 26,700%. 

    In Q1 of 2022, Jane revealed her new Spring Collection at the #WhatSheSaid Fashion show in Los Angeles, CA. This marked a special occasion for her as this was the first time her line was in front of such a large number of eyes. With so many people waiting to see what's next for Jane, EMB knows the next iteration will be significant. 

    The Data 

    • Increased website visits by 192.9%
    • Increased website authority score by 50%
    • Increased Facebook engagement by 20,210%
    • Increased social following by 26,700%
    • Increased social reach by 15,607%