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    The Challenge

    Prior to bringing our team, and partner, Tellem Grody Public Relations, on board, the public had never heard of Squishmallows....nor had most people heard of Kellytoy, the 30-year-old toy manufacturer parent company. With less than 5 months to product hitting shelves in Walgreens across America, we were up for the task of building up a brand, as well as a loyal fanbase.

    We created a brand identity and necessary collateral, set up social media platforms, created and implemented both consumer facing and buyer facing ads, designed and built an e-commerce website, sent products to influencers and press, created a database, built tradeshow looks and materials, created sales presentations, developed character identities....you name it, we did it all.

    As soon as product launched, and with an e-commerce launch only less than a month behind, things kicked into high gear. People were buying Squishmallows like crazy, even driving across multiple states to get the exact character they wanted for their collection. UGC and engagement is off the charts, with fans sending us pictures, drawings, and new character ideas, which we’ve turned into give-back opportunities. We’ve also received hundreds of requests for Squishmallows to be available in several other countries; something that Kellytoy has in the works for this year.


    • Black Friday/Cyber Monday online sales exceeded 2.5 months of online sales in just 6 days
    • Average email marketing open rates are over 300% higher than industry average
    • Average email marketing click through rates are over 800% higher than industry average
    • Won multiple awards through consumer & trade publications
    • Top 25 “Most Trending” on TTPM (#13 and #23) alongside the biggest existing brands, including MEGA, Hasbro, Spin Master, Mattel & Star Wars franchise
    • The only sold out product during Walgreens 2017 Gift of the Week sales campaign
    • Social media engagement has grown by over 600% since brand launch
    • Website traffic has increased by over 270% since website launch in August 2017
    • Multiple re-orders from large retailers such as Walgreens & Costco
    • Distribution through new large retailers including Walmart, Kroger & Fred Meyer in 2018
    • Return on ad spend (ROAS) is 70% higher than industry average