Event Marketing, Planning & Production

You Can't Beat Face to Face

It can seem like everything's gone digital these days, but meeting your clients, customers or donors in person is still the best way to gain trust and build relationships. Driving business success and increasing donations to your nonprofit organization is all about who you know.

We have years of experience elevating global brands using complete marketing services. Celebrity wranglers? We have you covered. Digital marketing and publicity? We're your one-stop shop. Social media and public relations? Look no further than our expert event planners.

Our first goal is to get you the attendees you need, but we don't stop there. Our event production experts take advantage of established relationships with top vendors and partners to make your event run smoothly. We make sure you have the best catering, corporate partnerships and decor services in the area, and so much more. We can even handle ticket sales and donations. You get to focus on building vital relationships with your donors, sponsors and attendees, and we handle all the moving parts.

Event Marketing That Makes Sense

Our specialty is in complete marketing strategies for our clients, and our years of experience have shown that live events are a pivotal part of raising funds for your nonprofit, kicking off a new business or boosting a campaign for new products or services.

We help you generate the buzz your great idea deserves, and we do it effectively and efficiently so you can grow the bottom line without the stress.

Give us a Buzz

We love helping brands succeed, and are interested in hearing about your ideas. Reach out to our expert event planners and brand marketing specialists in Los Angeles.