Social Media

Science and Strategy

There’s more to the science of social media than you might realize. It’s not just about posting relevant content to the proper platforms at the right times or responding back in a timely manner to customer requests and questions. Just like any other aspect of marketing, there must be a strategy behind your social media campaigns in order to effectively target your audience and influence their purchasing decisions and brand interactions. 

Tailored Execution

As your social media execution team, we develop unique, targeted campaigns for each relevant social media platform, all as a part of a larger, cohesive marketing strategy aimed at engaging your audience to ultimately turn them into loyal followers, customers or clients. We’ll be there to manage your social media accounts, interact with your followers in real time, post a variety of tailored content, create and monitor your social ad campaigns, run engaging contests and promotions and constantly report back the results to you.

Measuring the Metrics

The numbers never lie, which is why we always keep our eyes open when it comes to checking the built in social media and Google analytics as well as proprietary listening tools available to us to see which posts and ads perform the best, as well as what’s driving the most traffic to your website. And as your agency, it’s our job to always keep our ears to the ground on the latest social media trends and phenomenon, keeping your platforms, and your brand, relevant and up to date.

From developing the foundational strategies to creating engaging content and analyzing and reporting influential metrics, we can take over social media for your brand so you can focus on the bigger picture.