Content Development

A Breadth of Fresh Flair

If you need a mission statement, copy for your entire website, a press kit or even speaking topics, we’ve got it under control. As your agency, we take the time to pay special attention to your unique brand voice, whether it needs to be created from scratch or just needs a simple update to give it that extra flavor. It’s part of what makes your brand original, and it’s our job to make sure that voice is conveyed across all marketing platforms through consistent content from your newsletter to your social media messaging to your e-commerce platforms.

To Blog or Not to Blog? 

And speaking of consistency, let’s talk about blogging. As one of the top organic ways to drive traffic, blogging is of the utmost importance for companies, regardless of the industry you are in. Over 81% of online consumers trust the information and advice they find on blogs, and over 46% read one or more blogs daily. But as of right now, only 33% of B2B companies are actually utilizing their site to host blogs to engage with their clients, but even within that percentage, not all are using them effectively.

We’ve all visited the site where the blog hasn’t been updated in months, or even, gasp, years. We’ll make sure your blog stays up to date with consistent, curated content that is engaging and relevant to your audience, using key terms your clients and consumers are searching for in order to generate the organic SEO you desire.