From 0 to 100: How to Put Your Marketing Needs Into Words

From 0 to 100: How to Put Your Marketing Needs Into Words

Congrats! You've hatched a brilliant business idea and you’re ready to unleash it on the world. To blast your brand message out there, you need to run smart marketing campaigns. But if marketing communications isn’t your thing, you should be talking to a marketing agency partner. However, sometimes “talking marketing” is easier said than done.

Talking the Marketing Talk

As with any partnership, you need clear communication. Many marketing agencies, unfortunately, don’t know how to talk to their clients in a shared language, relying on marketing jargon and tossing around unnecessary phrases that only create confusion instead of clarity. You won’t find any of that here. In fact, we do our best to take the ego out of marketing and ensure everyone is on the same page at every step along the client journey.

Step 1: Know Your Own Marketing Language

If you’re ready to dive into marketing, then you must already have a great product or service. Fantastic! But before approaching a marketing agency, take an in-depth look into your own brand. Who are you? What makes you different from the competition? Think of it like attending a high-stakes networking event. You wouldn't walk in mumbling, would you? Prepare a compelling elevator pitch that sums up your trademark's essence.

Here's the fun part of marketing 101: competitor recon! Knowing your current and aspirational competitors is like having a cheat sheet for the marketing game. Who are the bigwigs in your space? What are they doing well (and not so well)? Intel about who you're up against helps agencies tailor strategies that highlight your unique selling points (USP) and address market gaps for maximum impact. 

In short, your marketing agency should talk like you, not the other way around. If you don’t even know how to talk like you, then there’s going to be miscommunication.

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