The Value of an EMB Mindmap Session

The Value of an EMB Mindmap Session

The journey into digital marketing can be daunting. There are so many avenues to consider, so much effort that needs to go into creating content, and the thought of creating a master digital marketing plan? Forget about it! That gives most people a headache, but not us.

As a center brained agency driven by creative but rooted in metrics, we have built a detailed process on how to wrap your mind around both the general and creative sides of digital marketing in very succinct ways. These processes are known at EMB as our Mindmap sessions.

What Is a Mindmap Session

In our Mindmap sessions we are able to outline multiple areas of opportunity to skillfully represent your company consistently and cohesively across all online and offline platforms through various touchpoints. These sessions are the first step to understanding how all of the digital marketing platforms work together and the best ways to utilize these platforms to your advantage. We even offer a handful of our top tips and tricks to get you started on the right track. 

What Types of Mindmap Sessions Do We Offer

Our teams conduct two very different, yet very valuable Mindmap sessions. These sessions not only allow you to get a sense of our process and how our team works, they also give you a solid foundation to start digital marketing and branding efforts at any stage of your business. 

The two sessions we focus on at EMB are:

Digital Mindmap

This is a one hour educational white bord session where we clarify what a company’s marketing goals are, discuss overarching budget and allocation, and define the importance of top of funnel visibility and awareness marketing efforts. We also review each piece of the digital marketing puzzle, through website, social media, advertising, influencer marketing, and much more, to get a clear sense of the current state and areas of opportunity our team sees for your brand. We find this process alleviates the stress of the unknown and pinpoints gaps in a brand’s digital strategy.

Creative Mindmap

This is a one-and-a-half hour brainstorm session where we focus on the creative process. An EMB expert will guide your team through fun and engaging exercises that begin to shape or refine your brand. We’ll tailor your session to your needs, whether that’s voice of brand, messaging, positioning, audience targeting, etc. We usually start with what we call Word Vomit where we define your yes and no words. Then, we will deep-dive into the who, what, when, where, why and how of your brand story. You’d be surprised what insights we can pull with a few strategically worded questions! From there, we may build a sample content matrix or ideate creative campaigns. All of this lives in a proprietary Task Action Report (TAR) that we will send you at the end of the session.. That way, if you ever need to go back to the conversation and remind yourself of, or share with others, your brand’s messaging and positioning, it’s all in one easy-to-find document. 

How Do I Schedule a Mindmap

These brainstorm sessions will allow us to shape the foundation of your brand in order to build cohesive mission, vision, and value statements. It also provides direction on how to share your message with the digital universe. 

To learn more about our Mindmap sessions, click the link and let us elevate your marketing.

Biana Lerman, Account Executive
Elevate My Brand