What Is the Task Action Report (TAR)?

Let’s face it, in order to market your brand in the digital world, you need to share a lot of content through an omnichannel approach. It’s a lot to manage. How do you keep a handle on it in an organized and effective way? 

At Elevate My Brand, we created a collaborative proprietary dashboard to manage all of the pieces of any given project so that both our team and our clients know exactly what is happening at all times. We call this dashboard the Task Action Report, or TAR. Out of all of the fancy and expensive project management tools on the market, we have found that, for us, the TAR works best.

What is in the TAR?

Simply put, the TAR is a task management tool or, as we like to call it, “a Google Doc on crack.” This multi-tab dashboard allows our team to assign projects, color-code their progress and share notes with our clients so that they know everything going on with their account. Depending on our clients’ projects, the TAR can have anywhere from five to twenty-five tabs! 

One of the tabs that can be found in the TAR is your marketing calendar, where we can outline special events, promotions, product launches, speaking engagements and more. We also include your social media grid, which allows clients to approve and comment on all social posts before they are scheduled to go up on their respective social channels. In addition to the social grid, we include social analytics tabs, one for organic and one for paid, so that we can monitor month-over-month growth and track what is and isn’t working. 

Additional tabs can include word or audience personification exercises, responses to common customer concerns or questions, campaign information, public relations successes, website analytics, etc. Whatever your brand needs, you will find it in the Task Action Report.

Why is in the TAR important?

The TAR is an important tool because it helps move projects along effectively, ensures accountability on both sides and trains you to put all of your information in one place so nothing falls through the cracks. It also allows your team to have its finger on the pulse of every part of a project so each person involved will know the timeline, goals, accomplishments, etc. The best part is that it all lives in one place with one URL, so you never need to wonder how to find the info you need. It’s always one click away.

Without a tool like the TAR, your information floats in various places and can be hard to pull together when you need it. Why waste time searching everywhere for your latest numbers, posts and promotions when you can have everything in one place and can pull it up and check on it at any given time?

If you are looking for a marketing agency that has its shit together, give us a call. Let’s chat to see if we’re the right fit and to show you how the TAR can make your marketing (and life) a whole lot easier.

Biana Lerman, Account Executive
Elevate My Brand

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