You, the Brand

You, the Brand

What makes a brand a memorable one? Is it a cute logo? Is it the way a brand name rolls off the tongue? Is it their packaging? Whether it’s a name you’ve heard of or a design that appeals to you, branding is very important to attracting and therefore, retaining customer loyalty.

Branding oneself can come in all shapes and sizes and that’s what makes it fun. One technique that works for one entrepreneur may not work at all for another. However, what all brands boil down to is establishing a presence. The hard part is standing out because it seems like your brand is competing with millions of other brands. Let’s say you’re a travel blogger, but feel intimidated by the thousands of other travel blogs that pop up in a simple Google search. One way to shine is to find out what will make your blog unique and more interesting to readers. For example, 12hrs is a travel blog that serves as a guide to unique boutiques and art galleries around the world. While also documenting their travels, the bloggers behind 12hrs finds their own little niche within the travel blogosphere.

Always remember the 3 C’s. The key to a successful brand is maintaining its presence rather than just establishing it. Consistency, clarity and constancy are your brand’s three best friends. Keeping your presence constant throughout different forms of communication, being clear about you or your company’s vision through the brand, and determining that unique niche will be very helpful in creating a brand.

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