Women In Business: Breast Cancer Awareness

As a woman-owned business, Elevate My Brand is committed to respecting women who own their own businesses across the globe.  Living in a world where men dominate the business sector, it is important to recognize the achievements that women have made major strides in obtaining successful positions.

It's October, and you know what that means: think pink! As part of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we would love to commend the brave women who are currently suffering at the hands of this terrible disease and the survivors. There are tons of successful women in the world who are proponents for survival and success and it’s time to take a minute to celebrate them.

To highlight some of these women who have pioneered their success while maintaining their status as breast cancer survivors (however not letting their cancer or survival define who they are), here are some awesome women we show our utmost care and respect for.

  1. Hala Moddelmog – CEO and the “fast-food” queen, Hala Moddelmog is one of the most independently successful women in America. Having a degree from some of the most prestigious schools in the world, and not to mention an impressive resume, Moddelmog is a breast cancer survivor. She ultimately landed the position as president of Susan G. Komen for the Cure for a few years.
  2. Jaclyn Smith – American actress and business woman, Jaclyn Smith is an all time American hero for her famous role in the original Charlie’s Angels, but most notoriously for being a breast cancer survivor.
  3. Jane Fonda – Another American actress, activist, former fitness guru, and breast cancer survivor. Jane Fonda brings hope to the lives of many and has all her life.
  4. Christina Applegate – an American actress and hero, Christina Applegate is someone who hasn’t sat idly waiting for the other shoe to drop. She underwent a double mastectomy, although only having found cancer in one breast. She has been a public figure for the movement and has been open about her history with the illness. She has also done a ton of philanthropic work to raise money and awareness to the disease.
  5. Georgia Frontiere – Although she is no longer around today, Georgia Frontiere was known for being a badass businesswoman and the first female owner of the Rams NFL team after her husband’s passing. She died from breast cancer at age 80, however, she lived a long and successful life as a true woman and a heroine in the world of feminine leaders.

As we all know, breast cancer is global issue that we can fight together. We are so fortunate to see so many strong survivors and pioneers highlighted but want to give an equal message of love to those who fight in silence or feel like they are on their own. There are other women out there who have suffered or are presently suffering from this terrible disease yet continue to be inspirational to the people around them. We stand in solidarity with the awesome women who have been able to achieve a lifetime of success and never let cancer define their lives.

Cheers to the women of the world!

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