What Is Content Creation?

What Is Content Creation?

As a full-service agency, we know all too well the time and effort put into content creation, not only for yourself but for others as well. It might come as a surprise to you that companies might hire outside help have their content written for them. Surprise! Having an outside source create content occurs for a number of reasons, they don’t have the time to write blogs, or aren’t sure what to write about, etc. Writing and blogging are a full time job, we get it, and especially for small businesses, taking time to write can be the difference between time spent on a client or a potential client. But we all know the importance of having content available for discovery and growth.

Although, content creation comes as no easy feat, it is important to have a team to create relevant content that aligns with business goals and can be shared. How does that content get created? Start by understanding what consumers might want from your brand and then talk about it. Understanding the inner workings of all operations, current events, and the overall mindset and voice of the brand is a place to start. Knowing how the company functions can also provide insight into how they think and feel as well about certain topics. Having that information provides an understanding for the type of content to create. We wouldn't be good at our jobs if we didn't know what our clients think and feel about their company. 

Another way to create content is to do so for an outside source, think blog partnership or guest blog scenario. Instead of creating content using another brand voice, content is created with your brand voice and a different medium's audience in mind. This can be done to stand out in a certain verticals as an expert within your industry. For example, the topic could fall in line with branding within a specific industry or it could just be a special feature with them, think exclusive piece that can be saved and shared down the road. Our CEO and founder, Laurel Mintz, has a column she writes for INC. Magazine. Each week she writes content for the magazine to discuss marketing, branding, traveling, or entrepreneurship. You can read her latest article here. Whether you write content in your brand voice for other companies or write on behalf of other companies in their brand voice, content creation is a great marketing tool that creates cross promotion or traction for business growth.

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