Want To Get Published? How and Why to Get Published

Want To Get Published? How and Why to Get Published

You don't have to just be a professional author or writer to be published. Having great writing skills isn’t even the most important requirement (although it might help). Whether you are the face of your company or your company is publically held, being published yourself or being published about is crucial for marketing and SEO. You might be wondering why either of these can benefit you and how it can be achieved. 

The benefits of being featured in a paper or digital publication are seemingly obvious when the potential reach is considered, in an ideal world the reach is initially hundreds of people. It’s the same idea as advertisements, a more detailed and/or educational. The same can be said about an article that was written by you. Typically, articles that are published by an expert or business owner are written as the professional. Writing as an expert on third party publications will open the door to an influx of potential new partners and clients. This is not only a great networking/advertising opportunity, but you are also solidifying your position as an expert in your field. This could lead to great speaking opportunities, book deals, guest appearances, and much more. Your career could soar to all new heights, in ways that you never thought could be possible.

Finding ways to get published is the difficult part. It takes diligence, patience, and most importantly, connections. One of the methods we use to have our articles published is to offer cross marketing. We offer the company we wish to work with an opportunity to be published or company reference in return for a similar offer. Other methods include personal outreach on our end, by scouting guest writing opportunities. Finally, the greatest and most successful method we use involves networking. We constantly attend events in order to network. Sometimes Laurel’s expertise is sought out if she is speaking at an event or conference. Regularly attending these types of events create connections and provide resources for publication opportunities. She was able to her connection to Inc. Magazine at such an event, and came out of it with her own column. Find events to attend, ask colleagues to invite you along to networking conferences, and always stay alert for guest writing opportunities.

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