Turn Your Client Into A True Fan

Turn Your Client Into A True Fan

When a business is in the initial stages of growth, they rely heavily on their client base to spread awareness with word of mouth. Slowly, as businesses gain more traction, the transisition from “referral only” and “friend/family-based” awareness to a local, national, and even international level of recognition happens. In a perfect world, suddenly business is booming! But how do you know when this happens? When a client moves from being a client, to becoming a fan.

Having fans is really important for any business. Sure, money is great! Clients are valued a great source of income, and aren’t they a ‘fan’ if they use your services? Yes and no, when they start to understand your brand on a personal level and develop a personal relationship with the company they transform and a new relationship is built.

There are several ways you know this transition happens. When a client not only follow you on all social accounts, but they start to promote your work on social media as well. You start to trend across tons of social networks because of your loyal fans. You also know you have fans that aren’t just clients when you obtain referrals from loyal fans and then from their referrals! Fans typically promote your writing, your work, and brag to everyone the work that you have done for them. They promote the help that you have provided them with. They send flocks of people your way without you ever having do anything except the best job you can.

Having a fan base is really important in any industry. Your fans are the ones who defend your company at all times. They stand in your corner and promote your business without asking for anything in return. They are just happy you were there to help them when they were in need. They offer their undying support, no matter what. Having fans will protect you from any and all negativity that will come your way. The best make to guarantee a loyal fan base, is by offering your loyal support and the best work possible, which is a fool-proof system to satisfying anyone.

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