Trust Your Data

Trust Your Data

No more mind reading. Get straight to the facts. Why spend more time assuming that you know what your customers want, than receive real time answers? Solve this with a click of a button. Become a data expert and learn how to use data-driven marketing effectively.

Data Drives Targeted Markets: Data is vital to knowing and growing your audience. By segmenting your data, you are able to better understand your audience and their individual needs. 90.7% of U. S. advertising and marketing professionals use segmentation and positioning to connect to the customers. People don’t want to be told what to do, what to buy, or who to care for. Personalize your message, and allow the consumers to feel compelled to take action. The numbers will grow as you build a relationship.

Data Drives Response: Show that you care. Show that you are listening. Consumers want to be heard. Through data- driven marketing, engagement can be streamlined from the company to the end-user. Whether the consumers are liking, sharing, or interacting with your company, you must communicate value in all channels, and see how or if your target market is responding. Data will provide insight to social media platform traffic, engagement rates, and open rates. If you want a response, give your consumers a reason to answer.

Data Drives Action: Data provides you with insight that can drive new marketing initiatives, campaigns, and product releases. Through surveys, reviews, and other forms of consumer feedback, you are getting brought into the minds of your most valued customers. If your branding is misinformed, your revenue is declining, or your marketing effort has minimal engagement, you can back up your next campaign with stone cold facts.  The numbers will provide clear next steps for elevating your company’s revenue.

Face it…data is a tell all for success. Many things in life are up to interpretation. From the ambiguous text that you received to a painting on a wall, messages get lost and misinterpreted daily. Data drives clear results. Why waste time reading between the lines when the answers are right in front of you?

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Source: Forbes