The Importance of Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policies on Your Website

The Importance of Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policies on Your Website

So, you’re about to launch a new website. You've spent hours fine-tuning the interface, designing icons and writing content, but one thing you might've overlooked is developing a set of terms and conditions for your website. It's crucial for business owners to remember to create terms and conditions and privacy policies for their website—especially for e-commerce brands and companies in highly regulated industries.

Terms and privacy policy content isn’t something you can confidently create on your own, though. As a marketing agency with a lawyer as our CEO, we understand how to write this admittedly unsexy content in a way that takes the burden off of your plate and protects you for years to come.

What Are Terms and Conditions/Privacy Policies?

First of all, it’s important to understand what this marketing legalese means. A website's terms and conditions are the parameters that the users of a website site should follow. That is, the terms and conditions (T&C) act as a contract between you, as the business/site owner, and the users who visit your site. Your T&C might include information about the risks of visiting your website, the terms that relate to the delivery of a product or service, information about online transactions, etc.

On the other hand, your site’s privacy policy is a document that explains how your website will use any personal information that is shared on the site. Oftentimes, a website will prompt customers to put in personal information to order goods and services or to make an account, and when your website does this, it's crucial you have a privacy policy in place so that your customers know what their information will be used for and how.

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