Stop, Communicate & Listen

Stop, Communicate & Listen

Take it from a business owner. We have all put ourselves in uncomfortable positions while working to establish a voice as thought leaders in any vertical. We’ve been challenged to find our niche, overcoming the clutter and noise of constant content bombardment. But before you can uncover the brand voice of your company, you must first become familiar with your own superpowers. Here are simple ways to explore your gifts and undertand how to use them effectively.

Save the heart attack and trust your gut: Remember back in school when you second guessed yourself on a test only to realize that you were usually right the first time? Same thing here. Be intuitive. Recognize your telltale signs influencing your decision-making process. Be confident in your words and actions, and trust the decisions you made to get there. If you trust yourself, others will follow suit.

Breathe in; breathe out: As woo woo as it sounds, I schedule daily meditation to get mental clarity. Taking a breath allows me time to pause and think about what I want. Yes, of course it’s important to speak from your heart, but a pause will allow you to also speak intelligently. Recognize the moments to be clever, and the moments to be interactive. In any setting, stopping and analyzing will make you more effective as a leader. There’s more power in silence than you think.

Body language is universal: Are you slouching while reading this? Is the person across from you smiling with their teeth, but not their eyes? Being conscious of these subtle, yet overlooked communication tools are critical to how you present yourself to the world. This unspoken language is 90% of how people communicate, so give yourself the upper hand and pay attention.

No risk equals no reward: You don’t know what you don’t know, so ask. How you show up in the world is important. You are a journey; not a destination. Every risk that you take is one step closer to success. Beyond that, every risk taken is a memory, experience or life lesson that ultimately defines who you are and why. Be aware of your influence and adapt to advice.

Are you really telepathic? Ever catch yourself speaking to a wall? Let’s be real, it would be awesome to get in another person’s head, but it’s not always quite that easy. Mind over matter people. Interactions vary, but the outcome is the same if you do not stop and read the room. Know your audience and the shoes that they wear in order to communicate effectively.

Never stop learning: Do your homework.  Plain and simple. Knowledge is power, as it allows you greater opportunities for success. The more prepared you are to take on a project, the better equipped you are at teaching others along the way. Learning should be an ongoing progress, whether it’s adopting a new skill, learning a new software system or expanding your network.

Being a better version of yourself doesn’t just benefit you, but all of those around you as well. Now get to work!

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