Social Media Is NOT Your Marketing Savior

Social Media Is NOT Your Marketing Savior

Are you on social? Of course you are! (right?) It’s 2016, without at least a Facebook page or a Yelp page (yes Yelp counts) you’re almost telling people you don’t want their business. Whether you’re an avid EMB follower or are new to our content, you can see we are pretty active on social and even talk about it weekly (those lovely social updates) to keep our clients and ourselves up to date on trends, tricks, and fun facts on the ever-changing world of social.

Now while we’re always ready to jump on board to test a new app or do some hashtag brainstorming for your next event, it’s time to come out and say it: social media is NOT the answer to all your business woes. Shocking, but true.

Here is why:

Social media is a tool, not a strategy. Just as you wouldn’t rely only on an email campaign to grow your brand, you shouldn’t expect social media to be the sole source of business growth. Social media provides access to thousands of unique potential users, but it doesn’t guarantee that those users are interested in your brand.

Social media takes some effort. Plain and simple, you can’t tweet or share at random and expect fans to automatically sign up or buy your product. Once you’ve narrowed down your business strategy goals, you can determine how to include social media in the overall strategy to target the right audience and engage the people you want to connect with.

Social media requires room for error. Sometimes a great planned tweet can backfire, there are tons of screenshots to prove it. Instagram filter magic doesn’t happen overnight, it takes trial, error, and a lot of adjustments. Thanks to A/B testing, the process of content creation, planning, and execution is never truly over.

Social media is an accessory to your overall business strategy, not the whole ensemble. Just remember that and with the right marketing strategy, time, and effort, social media can be a great method to grow your brand.

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