Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Marketing isn’t just branding or advertising, it’s a lot of other things as well. Our agency specializes in “other things.” For instance, we specialize in strategy, execution, and analytics. All of these things are important in the development of any successful campaign. However, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that marketing, like a lot of things, requires consistency for success. That’s what branding is, essentially. It’s a consistent message that is sent across various platforms. They look similar or sound similar, but differ in various ways. Now let's talk about what marketing mistakes to avoid:

  • Don't use a trend that does not fit your brand
  • Don't rely on negative stereotypes
  • Avoid poor using poor translations

For instance, you wouldn’t want to send out a campaign for a television ad and have it look the exact same for radio or even social media. You have different audiences across multiple platforms. Understanding what works for different fans or customers on their individual social platforms will be beneficial for any campaign. While you are trying to stand our with something inspiring or controversial, it's important to stay focused on your specific target audience. Step outside the box with your creativity but don't cross the fine line of reason and unreasonable campaigns.  (Am I right, Pepsi? Kendall?) However, offense, although totally inexcusable, can sometimes be good press. Look how long ago the Pepsi/United incidents happened and we’re still talking about them! Even after the release of the infamous documentary Super Size Me, which has led to decades of conversation. McDonalds has become the epitome of fast-food. Although this documentary was not a marketing campaign, there were unintended consequences, especially an opportunity for growth.

In any marketing campaign, be sure to have a strong concept, a clear message, a visually pleasing esthetic, and make sure to be aware of what works and what isn't appropriate for your audience. Being aware of your varying audiences across all platforms is important because different audiences still gravitate towards different sites. Know your audience and you’ll succeed!

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