Market Your Territory

Market Your Territory

We all want to make a statement. When we were little, our wide-eyed selves were infatuated by the world around us. Everything felt so big, and our future goals felt never-ending. Create that same vision with attainable marketing goals that can grow yourself and your business.

The first step to marketing success is working for a company that aligns with your morals and values. To enhance company culture, it's important to hire employees who are connected to your brand, your voice, and your mission. Customers are drawn to educational, inspirational and entertaining brands that speak their language. It should be the same for you. Choose a company that best fits your personal and business needs, because in the end, people buy from the other people. Think about it… how can you sell a product or service if you don’t believe in it yourself?

Before you can establish an audience, you must build an image that directs attention to your brand. Visibility is key for personal and business growth. Allow yourself to fight the long term fears by producing campaigns that showcase who you are and what you represent. Get creative while reaching your short-term and long-term key performance indicators (KPIs). A key approach is to market yourself and your company through involvement. Attend conventions, become a guest speaker or even lead a networking event. Put yourself in a position of power while leading with integrity.

Don’t just know your audience; read your audience. Every encounter in your personal and business career are shaped by your interactions. Think similarly when it comes to your marketing experiences. There are red flags and other signs that trigger consumer sentiment, which will affect consumer’s purchasing behaviors. Use your senses. Listen, communicate, and speak with purpose, as you build a greater understanding of your own consumer’s purchasing journey.

Do you ever feel like you aren’t doing enough, or that you don’t have the bandwidth to produce what’s expected of you? Remember that you are human, and with that comes a different kind of responsibility. Take care of yourself and your company. Take a break. Go on a walk. Do mindfulness exercises. Get out of your head, as you generate more creativity from your mind. A strong company guides consumer’s success, but also evaluates from within. As an individual marketer and a brand, remember that success is built from the roots up.

Take the time to self-evaluate and self-reflect as an individual and as a company. Through analytics, you can explore and experience marketing efforts that work and ones that completely fail. Either way, you can interpret the metrics to ensure that you are in check, and marketing your business and yourself in ways that matter.

Judge a book by its character. Never lose sight of who you are. Embrace the weakness, and work constantly on yourself. Simplicity is boring when you don’t take control of what you want. Time to create, cultivate, and innovate. Become the risk taker that you were as a child and the leader that you aspired to be when you were younger.

Never stop finding your marketing purpose, whether on an individual or company level.

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