Lights, Camera, Take Action

Lights, Camera, Take Action

If you had 2-minutes to communicate your message to your audience, what would you say? How would you want them to feel? This is where video content comes in. Learn why video is taking over the internet… lights, camera, take action!

Let’s face it, video is spiraling into an epidemic, and it’s time for you to catch the bug. The web has generated more video content in 1 single month, than TV has produced in 30 years. Video initiates a conversation. The first step to a strong viral image is to grab the audience. Get them hooked on your words, and moved by your story.  Tell a narrative that has a purpose from beginning, middle and end. It’s your time to shine, so showcase what matters.

Moments Matter: Consumers experience micro moments on a day-to-day basis. Those moments control consumer’s interests, buying behaviors and impact on society.  Videos are controlling the market with “how to” tutorials, social mission driven campaigns, product searches and more. Consumers want a tour guide who can lead them through their buying journey. They want an expert. Plain and simple.

Dare to Share: Video content is easily shareable. If 500 million people are watching Facebook videos every day, that means that you have an entire digital world to seek out. Share your voice and engage in your mission…you have an entire digital community to reach!

Say something. Find an overarching message that speaks throughout the entire clip. Keep it short. Keep it meaningful. People have a short attention span, so make them intrigued from the start. 85% of the U.S population watch videos online, so give them a reason to click play.  

In reality, people communicate in different ways. Some like to draw. Some like to teach. Others like to build. Videos allow you to connect to every kind of person. Be creative and generate content that builds off of the individuals that you are targeting. Create videos that can speak for themselves, so that people can’t get lost in translation.

Now it’s your turn to take storytelling a step further. Story sell through words and visuals. Create a message that matters, and be aware of how you use your words and why. If you capture each video element with purpose, you will begin to see how much your words stimulate action. Start with video, and the rest with follow suit. Your ROI will be thanking us later.

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