In The Press: How Gamification Appears in Social Media Marketing

“Say your favorite brand is M&M’s. If they put up a poll asking what their next color should be, they can create strong brand evangelists by picking a color people voted for,” said Laurel Mintz, Founder and CEO of Elevate My Brand, a marketing agency based in Los Angeles. “Customers are going to have a stronger affinity for M&M’s because they’ve played the game, M&M’s listened, and implemented their ideas.”

According to Mintz, gamification empowers consumers and allows them to feel they’ve had a real impact on brand development. This interaction may seem like a brand’s response to the mass market, but it can impact how consumers perceive a brand. Mintz also emphasizes the importance of playing on psychological concepts and finding the brand's voice on certain social media channels to create memorable and impactful experiences for their customers. 

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