How to Make Your Event Live On

Events are a crazy animal. You spend months preparing, hours of sleepless nights leading up to the fact, then event day hits and before you know it, your guests have come, had fun, and now they’re home and it’s finally over. But it doesn’t have to end when the invite says it does. Here are 6 ways to make your event live on after it’s all said and done.

Ready, Set, Swag.

Make sure to pass out something to your guests with the event logo on it that they’re likely to use after the fact. This way, you are creating brand equity, as well as giving your guests the opportunity to remember your event on a daily basis, making them more inclined to tell others. Or if you prefer to avoid swag, try using a photo booth with your event logo at the top of the photo. You’ll know your guests will enjoy it, and your logo will then inevitably end up in the coveted spot on their refrigerator under that magnet from that last vacation they took.

Collecting Information.

Use an onsite or online registration system for your event so that you are collecting as much data on your potential donor or attendee as possible. This way, you can continue to market to your guests after the fact, and always make sure there is a call to action in every marketing material you send them!

Lights, Camera, Action.

You’ll most likely use social media to talk about your event. Why not use a platform that allows for live streaming like Periscope or in the moment action like Snapchat? Having a live feed of what’s going on at your event will open up the doors to a larger audience offsite, who might attend in the future.


You guessed it. Not only should you be using social media to publicize your brand or company leading up to your event and of course, onsite, but make sure to create a unique hashtag to capture all the moments as they happen. While guests will post during the fact, they’ll also post afterwards, and having a collection of images on Instagram or Twitter will allow people to re-live the memories long after they’ve passed.

Give Thanks.

A few days after your event has passed, be sure to send  a thank you email to all of your attendees. It’s an opportunity to get your name in front of them yet again, and also let them know how much you appreciated them coming out to support or celebrate with you.

If you’re hosting a nonprofit fundraiser, it’s also a great way to let your guests know how much money was raised, as donors love to know that their donations contributed to a greater support effort. And if you’re trying to hit a target goal, use it as an opportunity to crowd fund for that final push. 

Mesmerize Them.

Give your event a wow factor. Integrate something unique that they’ve never seen before, such as a video mapped screen or LED wall. Not only will this set your event apart from hundreds of others they’ve attended in the past or will attend in the future, but you might also catch the attention of press, giving your brand, company or organization a PR boost, which is always welcomed.

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