How to Make Your Brand Stand Out on Social Media

Look, we know that everyone is on social media, reading the news, watching viral videos, and catching up with their friends (because how else would you remember your cousin's bestie's birthday?).

But there’s a reason why businesses are stepping up their social media game in 2019. Not only is it a great place to test out different media channels, but it gives your brand a chance to engage with your audience.

I mean, if customers are willing to spend up to 20% more on products just because a brand responds to them on Twitter, then clearly that’s where you have to be. It’s the new standard for customer service, and you’ll get a better idea of what your customers want, so long as you actually listen to what they have to say.

Here are three ways you can get your brand to stand out on social media:

1. Craft a Brand Voice

This sounds like a no-brainer, but that means it’s super important. When you’re talking with your customers in real time in a fairly informal setting, you HAVE to make sure that what you’re saying is tonally consistent with your brand’s messaging. Are you billing yourself as a progressive, eco-friendly brand? Or maybe you’re an upscale-but-casual fashion retailer? Whatever your company identifies as, you need to reinforce those values when interacting with customers.

This will also help you nail a distinct brand personality that will separate you from competitors.

Wendy’s has done an incredible job growing their social media following since roasting McDonald’s on Twitter, and they’ve been going strong with a pretty distinct voice. The fact that other fast food chains are copying them means they’re doing something right.

2. Put Out Different Media Assets

Nailing your brand voice is great and all, but you also need to create content that speaks to your demographic.

Don’t just write articles. Incorporate visual mediums like videos that show off your stuff. Buzzfeed has done a fabulous job of transitioning from a listicle/quiz production house (“The Taco You Build Will Reveal Your Best Personality Trait” anyone?) to a viral video hub. They’ve launched several distinct video series and have really pioneered the no-commentary DIY format, which are ALL over Facebook.

If you’re having trouble generating new content, repurpose your older work in refreshing ways. That long-form article that no one read? See if you can turn that into a set of videos or even a podcast to dive deeper into past issues.

Just remember, the content type should match your audience.

3. Run Engagement Campaigns

Another way to drum up engagement is to host events that highlight your customer base. No one’s going to get mad about winning freebies in a sweepstakes, but there’s a limit to how much you can give away.

Instead, try highlighting user testimonials or showing off the best comment of the week. It’s a way of showing that you’re paying attention to your peeps while also letting your user base create content for you.

Instagram accounts like The FeedFeed are a great example of building a brand while getting users to submit content to be featured. Users tag their creations using The FeedFeed’s hashtag, and their staff curates the content weekly.

Businesses Should Build Their Brands on Social Media

Still want more tips and tricks? Then check out brands that you like and see what they’re doing. Chances are, they’re working with savvy branding agencies to make sure their campaigns are up and running.

Try looking through Clutch, a company resource, to compare agencies and their projects. They also have two sister sites. The Manifest helps evaluate client feedback through data-driven research articles, and Visual Objects presents agency work in creative portfolios

Have any marketing or social related questions? Give us a call or slide into our DMs.

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