How To Determine Your SMB Marketing Strategy Though A/B testing

How To Determine Your SMB Marketing Strategy Though A/B testing

Small to medium business owners are frequently known to be very time-strapped, hello you've got empires to run! Playing the role of marketer, financial manager, HR manager and general business jack-of-all trades is no easy task. With the many obstacles that SMB owners face, offering solutions rather than more problems is the ideal.

As a SMB marketing manager, you have to identify your target audience to maximize sales. This is no easy feat on a limited budget plus being faced with intense competition from thousands of other SMB owners who ply their specific trade on the world wide web. Give yourself a pat on the back! This is where A/B testing offers a useful tool to help narrow down your real, interested audience and point you to serious customers who will hopefully help to grow your existing customer base and identify your most successful marketing tools.

As the name implies, A/B testing is a splitting of your current audience to establish which of your present advertising tools works the best. Simply by splitting your advertising tools between two sections of your target market you can acquire a better idea of what will work best for your business. The idea then is to use your current marketing tools such as banners, emails, forms and so on, and then improve on these. Attracting those all-important sales is the main goal here.

Using new copy and other interesting changes on your present set of marketing tools and testing these on your audience will help to determine which of these works best. So, split your audience into two separate sections and test an improved creative ad tool on each to test the success of the conversion rates between these two sectors. This is the simple basic of A/B testing – to check which strategy will work best for your business.

Your first group will be named A, the control group, which will receive the present version of your marketing tool – an advert or email, for example. Group B will be the treatment group, who will need to receive the improved creative version of this advert or email. How the two groups respond will be a good indication of which method works best for your SMB to create conversions and improve on your sales.

Understanding which strategy works best is a useful tool for the SMB owner. Providing a clear and simple solution in the form of A/B testing helps to develop a focused digital marketing strategy to enhance the chance of success. The A/B test also offers greater insight into your customer purchasing behavior. Appealing to what works for your customer is an essential element of the marketing and advertising process, for which A/B testing is ideally suited.

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