How to Deal with the LA Flake: 6 Steps to Attracting Event Attendees in Los Angeles

When planning an event, the last thing you want is a guest list full of flakes. It’s easy to cancel plans and stay in, using those newly garnered hours to relax or get a head start on the stack of papers on your desk. In Los Angeles, leaving your house  means enduring at least a 20-minute drive or paying too much for parking. Angelenos need some enticement when it comes to attending an event, especially if they have to take multiple freeways to get there or give up their precious time on the weekends.

While an event may spark interest in potential guests, attendance can not be generated from interest alone. When people plan on attending an event, they are investing their time and effort so naturally, they’d want something in return. Creating various incentives for your guests can maximize attendance at the event. It’s all about creating that memorable memento for each person.

Value for Value

First and foremost, set a ticket price. While free events themselves are great, they certainly won’t guarantee attendance. If guests pay for a ticket or entrance fee up front, they’re more likely to come to the event since they’ve already invested. If they’ve just answered a blanket RSVP without any monetary amount holding them to their word, they’re more likely to change their plans last minute for a better option, or even just going home after a long day or week at work.

Leveraging the VIPs

Speaking opportunities are a great way to attract attendance. Whether it’s a reputable expert in the field or a local celebrity, finding someone who has the ability to influence participation can prevent last-minute cancellations. On this same note, announcing to your guests who else is on the guest list, such as celebrities or esteemed guests, is an effective way of drawing a bigger crowd, as well as attracting more attention from the press.

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