How to Become Top of Mind

How to Become Top of Mind

When you think of your favorite brand, what exactly do you think of? What are the exact associations you make with the company? Our subconscious constantly seeks out ways to connect us to a product or service. A first step in creating a brand voice that speaks to those who care to listen starts with positive association and reputation.

Think of these three questions as you start the conversation with your audience. What keywords relate to the core of who you are? What do you offer? And why should people care? Sounds easy, but it’s quite complex. When your audience is seeking a new outfit, gadget, movie, or service, they are going to use their senses, past experiences, or guided information to make a justified decision. You want your audience’s thoughts to align with your overall mission, as it determines how well your audience will connect to your offerings.

People Buy From People: As you become more familiar with your target market, you can tailor your marketing content to those within your network. Once you solidify words and phrases that matter to your audience, you can communicate that value effortlessly. By creating a persona, you are conditioning yourself to speak with clear intention as a human that cares. Ideally, you are having a conversation with another person that matters to you (i.e., a friend, partner, family member) while triggering language that compels action from your audience.

Become Top Of Mind: Some companies have embedded their branding so deep into the minds of their consumers that people automatically associate certain companies to a specific product. For example, Kleenex is synonymous with tissue, and that association has become a natural link and reflex in people’s minds - that is powerful marketing. Becoming synonymous with your product or service is the ultimate goal as you will reside in people’s minds a lot longer. You also want to become synonymously associated with positive company values and elements that are important to your audience as you will resonate longer in their subconscious.

Don’t Get Lost In Translation: If you are unsure of what your company represents, how will anyone else know? Become familiar with words and phrases that can be misleading to your audience. Reduce any misrepresentation of the brand itself. When the word Dove is mentioned, do you think of a bird, chocolate or the skin care product? Your answer may differ depending on the context, however as mentioned earlier when a company becomes synonymous with a certain product or industry they are not easily confused, no matter the context. This phenomenon becomes apparent when a company practices and maintains a clear and direct message with its audience. Practices makes perfect, this takes a lot of work.    

Leave A Lasting Impression: Lastly, establish an emotional connection with your audience. Trigger an emotional response and make them feel something. In the end, people will support a company that aligns with their own morals, values and goals. Establish brand loyalty through positive association. These words will guide your marketing efforts, and connect your products and services to the people and their hearts.

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