Holiday Marketing: Does It Work?

Holiday Marketing: Does It Work?

It seems like every year the holidays start a bit sooner than we remembered. Although the dates don’t change, the marketing does. And though we may love to hate it, holiday marketing is always something to talk about. Holiday campaigns have started as early as October - two full months before Christmas and Hannukah should be on the brain, but thanks to marketing, the hustle and bustle begins early. While many people get in on the early holiday shopping, there are many who continue to pay extra in expedited shipping fees and join in the Christmas Eve rush for gifts. We’re here to ask the question: does holiday marketing really work?

Holiday campaigns are always the same concept, with different delivery. There’s a Christmas jingle, a giant red bow, holiday cups, and of course, a holiday sale better than the year before. You know the drill. Regardless of campaigns, the holidays mean people are shopping all the time. So what’s with the commercials and campaigns? If people are going to shop, why waste time and money on marketing?

Marketing always matters. Whether it’s the traditional holiday season that spans from September to December or just Memorial Day, companies want to show their support for the holiday being celebrated and be recognized for going above and beyond how they are celebrating. Some people find these holidays more enjoyable or relatable, and whether or not everyone celebrates, brands like to support those who do.

Marketing helps sell. Holidays are always a great reason to push out a random sale. For instance, on the 4th of July, a lot of companies will have a sale just because it’s Independence Day. This is a great way to attract people online who might otherwise not be able to make it into the store because they are out celebrating. This offers an extra incentive to those who want to shop on a day they have off from work or school.

Marketing encourages celebration. People love to celebrate, big parties or even just a little ‘treat yourself' kind of thing.  Another great reason for September through December holiday promotions is to encourage holiday celebrations. People get excited when they see other people getting excited. Sounds funny, right? But it’s true! Bubbles, glitter, and of course, a big tagline are easy ways to excite people about any particular day. Add some taglines and you have yourself a cheery crowd ready to participate.  

Sometimes they can seem overwhelming, but holiday marketing campaigns are perfect ways to get everyone into the holiday spirit and ready to join in the fun. Even if the advertisement isn’t insistent enough to make a purchase, Santa hats, dreidels, snow, and anything covered in red are a sweet reminder of the warmth and cheer the holidays bring (once the stress of planning and shopping) is over. Say what you will, year after year the numbers don't lie: holiday marketing works.

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