Google Tools Should Be Synonymous With Life Tools

Ahh, Google, the holy grail of internal and external business management. Google has become an integral part of day-to-day  operations. Without Google and its plethora of amazing tools, we might never make it through our days as seamlessly as seemingly possible. Whether it is for internal use only or external use, Google is an essential asset to any company.

Google AdWords

Google Adwords are an important tool used for external purposes. This tool is a form of online advertising, used to market your company. Here’s a simple how to on Google AdWords (Courtesy of all of us at Elevate My Brand):

  1. A/B test a bunch of advertisements on Facebook. This ensures that your message resonates with your target audience. It also helps monitor what words and phrases attracts your audience to your website. This gives you a sense for certain phrasing and key words that will be essential for the success of Google AdWords.
  2. Then use Google’s Keyword Planner – which shows you different phrases and words that are trending for your particular search. This can show you the popularity of the transgression of certain trending keywords and phrases over the course of a year or whichever parameters you set. This also provides you with a sense of the competition.
  3. Now having this information from Facebook and Google’s Keyword Planner, you can choose the most optimal key words and phrases.
  4. Setting a budget - we recommend setting a budget for the day instead of just an overall budget. That way Google will determine how the money will be distributed over the course of the day, in the best way they see fit (since their results are monitored electronically).
  5. Our last tip and trick for Google AdWords success is daily surveillance of the results. It’s also important to constantly monitor your keywords and phrases based on trends shown in your keyword planner. Another way to monitor results is through Google Analytics. It’s important to refer to Google Analytics when wanting to monitor your AdWords results.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics, as previously mentioned, is a great tool to monitor not only the results of your Google AdWords but also track every aspect of your website. You can target a specific demographic once you know which demographic of people visit your site. You’re able to monitor things like which pages are the most popular on your site, what hours your site is visited the most, and lastly it’s easiest to monitor the overall behavior of your site’s visitors. This provides a ton of insights on how to change the functionality of your site in order to make it the best that it can be.  

Google Drive

Google Drive is a wonderful tool for businesses, consumers, students, and anyone who uses a computer who’s on a budget. It’s a free tool that would serve as the most comparable program to Microsoft Office. It’s highly suggested for startup businesses with little funding who need to create documents, power points, and any kind of document.


Gmail is an extremely effective email provider. However, it’s great for businesses because they offer great deals for professionals who need business emails, i.e. It’s a great way to synch all of your employee's email addresses together. Giving your employees personal work emails is a great way to establish legitimacy, which can go a long way in b2c and b2c relationships.

Google Alerts

An amazing tool to have direct alerts sent to your phone based off of a few key words written in an article anywhere on the Internet that you choose. For instance, if you’d like to know when your company is mentioned in an article, you can have your company’s name as a key phrase set. If you find what Google is sending you is irrelevant information, then you can mark it as such and Google won’t send you mentions such as that any longer.

Google Hangouts

Similar to Skype, you can host group chats via Google Hangouts, but you can record the conversation for later and post it on the Internet. If you’re hosting a live interview with several different people and you’d like others to be able to watch live, or the recorded version, than they have the option.

Google Chat

If you have Gmail, then you have Google Chat. It’s a great way to communicate with your coworkers internally if you don’t have an intercom system or people are constantly on phone calls.

Google Business

Google Business is important to have for small companies and large companies alike. It helps integrate your business’ information into Google searches and websites. It provides your location, hours of operation, website, and contact information. It’s an essential aspect for all businesses.

Google Chrome + Extensions

Google Chrome is an amazing web browser that offers a multitude of tools just for the browser itself. These tools are known as extensions, which are like apps for your browser. This makes the browsing experience much easier for users. For instance, you can download the Pinterest extension, and then pinning photos to your Pinterest account is now easier than ever.

We’re all about finding tools and apps that can make daily tasks easier, and thankfully Google has plenty to keep your business running smoothly. Think we missed something or have a great example of how you use Google tools? Comment below or send us a quick message on social!

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