Ephemeral Content: Marketing the Wrong Way

Ephemeral Content: Marketing the Wrong Way

The term “ephemeral” is a most notoriously negative term in reference to marketing (unless of course you’re describing Snapchat.) Trending or being a fad is NOT the goal you want with your marketing. The goal should be timeless content. Timeless content is key, or in the words of DJ Khaled “The King of Fads,” timelessness is the key to success.

Content that can withstand the test of time, besides the show Friends, is one of the most difficult things to achieve. However, with the right tools, knowledge, and strategy it can be done. Think of timeless content this way: content that drives traffic forever. Sounds great right?

With so much content overflowing our feeds, inboxes, and brain space, most of the content we have access to is relevant only momentarily or for a short time, thus ephemeral. However, there is certain content that can drive traffic to your site continuously. Think about subjects in school, these subjects remain current forever. Although more information is added on a continual basis, the basic concepts stay the same. When you’re producing your content, think about things that people will always want to know. Although not all content you produce lasts forever, if you have some timeless content, you’re good to go.

Here are some tips on producing timeless content according to Joe Wikert, digital content expert:

  • Don’t post dates on content
  • Avoid time-specific references
  • Revisit content and update as needed
  • Focus on meaning and ideas more than events and happenings
  • Research articles and provide insight and value more than news and announcements
  • Supplement with timely content in social media

Another great way to create timeless content, answer the important questions. What are constant questions within your industry or certain areas that always need reinforcement? Consider creating content based on those types of needs and always circle back to keep the content alive and well.

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