EMBiz: Values-Based Marketing

Laurel Mintz, CEO & Founder

Values-Based Marketing

Hi guys Laurel Mintz here with Elevate My Brand. I want to talk to you today about developing really strong values-based marketing. Now we all know that marketing is a funnel. I always talk about the inverted triangle. On the top of that funnel are the branding awareness activities that we often talk about here at Elevate. But because we’re in this very strange time I want to really focus and emphasize the values component to your marketing initiatives. Let’s face it, people are very polarized and people can be very polarizing so it’s important for you to make more and more values-based decisions so that you’re attracting the right team, the right clients, the right audience. All of those things will help you more narrowly focus in on your core values as a company and make sure that you’re tying your service offerings and products to an audience, or like I said, team that reflects that same values-based marketing that you have within your company.

Now I would say 3/4 of people, and that’s a really big number, choose to support companies that they feel a personal connection to. Now we saw that this was the case when the millennial generation started to have more buying power because their focus was on companies that did good in the world and also provided a great product or service. I find that this is now a bit more ubiquitous across all companies. People just feel that personal connected tie in to the companies that they work with and that’s based on the company’s values and of course that it’s aligned with their personal values. As I’ve always said, good marketing truncates that time from the first point of contact to the close of business and values-based marketing helps that happen even faster. If someone can look at you and look at your product or service and see themselves in the values that you project, then that’s going to build a really deep and fast relationship in a much more efficient way. So that’s another reason to create values-based marketing initiatives and campaigns to attract and convert faster.

And then of course it builds deeper brand loyalty. We want to buy things and services from people that we know, like, and trust. The know, like, and trust factor is huge in marketing and again, if you have aligned values then that builds a faster and deeper loyal client base than you would have otherwise. 

And then of course the most important piece and the piece I hope that you take away is that it is so important to pay it forward right now. It’s important to do something more than just offering a product or service. I want you to really truly think about how what you’re doing, what you’re providing in the world is making the world as a whole a better place. We’ve done that with our pay it forward program where we’re offering free consultation support and then in response to that we’re asking that anyone who signs up for that donate to one of three charities that we’ve chosen. So that’s one of the ways that we’re paying it forward. Of course you know, we support a ton of female founded businesses, the startup universe. So that’s part of our ethos and our values-based marketing initiatives and campaigns and how we show up in the world. So we walk the talk and I hope you will too.

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