EMBiz: The Power of Strategic Partnerships

Laurel Mintz, CEO & Founder

The Power of Strategic Partnerships

One of the biggest questions we get from clients large and small is “How can I make my dollar stretch as far as possible and what can I do to have the most impact with the least spend?” The answer to that is truly strategic partnerships but you have to do them very wisely. 

A Strategic Partnership Agreement 

Usually what happens is brands get excited about partnering together but there’s no follow through. So what we do here at Elevate My Brand, and what I suggest that you do as well is create what we call a Strategic Partnership Agreement. This will give a structure behind the creative partnership. 

What does a strategic partnership look like? Each brand agrees that they’re going to do three blog posts every two weeks, five social media posts, a dedicated e-blast, etc., depending on the channels that they have. This is going to set you up for success in terms of partnerships because what usually happens is brands get excited and they do one post or one blast, but that is not enough to make a relationship with a new audience. You guys know we always talk about those three to five touchpoints, and that becomes even more relevant when you’re trying to tap into a new market through a strategic partnership. So get your strategic partnership agreement in place and follow through on the content. 

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