EMBiz: Make the IG Algorithm Work for Your Brand

Laurel Mintz

Make The IG Algorithm Work For Your Brand

Play with the Instagram Algorithm 

Hi there, Laurel Mintz here with Elevate My Brand. I know that everyone is having such a hard time right now with all of the privacy changes and algorithmic changes for social, Instagram specifically, and so just a couple of tips and updates that we’ve been doing on my personal pages and on our Elevate pages and on Fabric, to kind of, play with the algorithm and making sure that we are still being found.

The truth is, I don’t know if you know this, but only 1-2 percent on average of your audience will ever see a single post in their feed. This is why these platforms give us so many other options in feed, in stories and in reels, etcetera to capture a new audience and make sure that your existing audience is seeing your content. 

Post more often

So tip number one is to post more often. I know that it’s a challenge, but there are ways to batch content, I’m doing it right now sitting in front of each and every one of you. So that you can get all of your content done in a very short period of time so that you don’t have to think about it every single day. Cause honestly I think that’s where the big fail point is for most people that don’t do content consistently enough they’re thinking everyday “oh my gosh, I have to come up with something that’s so brilliant, I have to come up with something that’s interesting” every single day. Instead, do some brainstorming for half a day or a day and shoot another day or half day and get all that content batched in a day and you’ll make your life so much easier. And then of course you can pepper in or salt in stories and reels accordingly. 

Post in different formats

Using stories is so important. I actually get a lot more views on my stories than I do on my in-feed posts, and I get even more views on my reels. And I really didn’t want to do reels for a long time, I’m an early adopter on some things, but you know it’s just so much easier to post a quick story than to actually have to put together a reel, but the truth is, if you’re posting a story, you can just as easily post it as a reel. And reels are what help you be found by new audiences in the discovery pages. 

Post during optimized times

So posting more often, using stories, posting reels, encouraging post notifications, and then the last piece, which I rinse and repeat all the time is making sure that you’re watching the metrics so that you’re really seeing for example if you’re using a Planoly what the post days and times are that are best for your particular audience, cause every audience is a little bit different, and you can test it in a vacuum, or you can use a really inexpensive platform like Planoly to help you understand which are the best days and times to post. 

So those are my tips for helping you to buck the algorithm, it’s always going to be changing, but if you are everywhere in all places at once, at least you’ll be found by a new audience and your existing audience, hopefully will see your content as well.

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