EMBiz: Make Marketing Worth the Bite

Make Marketing Worth The Bite

Laurel Mintz

Fall In Love With Your Marketing

Hi everyone, Laurel Mintz here with Elevate My Brand. Happy Valentine's Day! That’s why I’m wearing all of the pink, and the red and the pink. Like me, I hope you love love. And I also hope that you really love your marketing approach. Whether you’re talking about loving your branding and really creating a strong brand identity, brand message, and voice, or whether you are just dipping your toe into digital, it’s really important that you fall in love with your marketing.

Marketing Is Like A Box Of Chocolates

Now, marketing is often times like a box of chocolates, especially this Valentine’s Day. Make sure that you take a bite out of each piece of chocolate before you figure out which one is the right fit for you. Or which one is calorie worth it, right? Just like whether something is worth the marketing dollar spend, cause let’s face it, with today’s day and age, with all the algorithmic changes that are happening, it’s harder than ever to get the same bang for the same buck. You know, Facebook and Instagram are changing constantly, and so what we’ve seen is that brands are having to make more of an effort over more pieces, or more channels for their marketing to really deliver the same way that it used to historically on just one channel like Facebook or Instagram.

Gift Yourself With Love

So, make sure that that piece of chocolate or that marketing channel is worthwhile to you, and make your gift to yourself this Valentine’s Day that you’re falling in love with marketing, and make those calories worth it. 

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