EMBiz: Live Life With Purpose

Laurel Mintz

Hi guys, Laurel Mintz here with Elevate My Brand. It’s been really challenging for the younger folks here, the millennials, the people who ask me for feedback and coffee to really find out what their life’s purpose is, so that’s what we are going to talk about a little bit today. Most of you know that I was an attorney, or I am an attorney, don’t hold that against me, before I started the agency and I was on this very linear path towards that corner office, that’s where I thought my life’s purpose was. Then my dad got sick, I had to step down from my firm and take over his company for about three years, which I thought had completely derailed me but really what it taught me is that I was an entrepreneur and so when he stepped back in, when he got healthy (if everyone can knock on wood for that), I stepped away and started the agency about a year after that and now I realize that all of those things that I thought were derailing me and taking me off my path and off my purpose were actually the things that were putting me on the right track for my life. Had those things not happened, I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to all of you about purpose and running an agency that I am so incredibly proud of.

So, the lesson here is let the universe unfold as it will. Follow your passion, that the life you have might not be the life you end up with in the long run, but it all there for a reason. Every single piece that’s put in front of you, every stumbling block, every lesson is there to put you on the right path towards your purpose. So, take a breath when things get hard, really look and ask the question what is it that I’m supposed to learn from this lesson. I always like to say that the universe keeps giving you the same lesson over and over again until you’ve learned it, so make sure you’re paying attention, don’t get caught up in the end game because life’s really all about the journey. That’s all for now and stay tuned for more from Elevate My Brand.

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