EMBiz: How Word Vomit Creates Content

How Word Vomit Creates Content

Laurel Mintz

Effective Content Strategies 

Hi everyone, Laurel Mintz here with Elevate My Brand. Content marketing is still very much a hot topic and for those of you who are trying to get more bang for less buck, which is pretty much everyone we talk to, content marketing is still the best game in town. 

Word Vomit Exercise 

But people get really hung up on content and how to create it in an effective way. So I’m going to give you an actual tool that we use with our clients. We call it word vomit that you can do today to help you create some great content. And it’s really as simple as this: set a timer, get with your team, get in a room, really focus your time and effort to put on a board all of the words, we call them ‘yes’ words that are meaningful for your brand. So ‘elevate’, ‘purple’, ‘emotional’, ‘diverse’. What are all the words both from a core values, core offerings standpoint, and then also some of the more ethereal, fun and playful things about your brand–if you are a playful brand that is of course. Then what you can do and what you should do is do the ‘no’ words as well. That’s really around the branding conversation so that you’re very clear on who you are as a company, and also very clear on who you are not. The purpose of doing it for this exercise is that you can then take those ‘yes’ words, turn them into tiles for social, and define what those words mean for your specific brand, and use them on your social channels. So if you spend ten minutes with a team of three to five people all spewing all these amazing words about your company, you should have a pretty great chunk of words, anywhere from thirty to a hundred words that you can then go and define and create a visual asset for that you can use on your social channels. That’s a really great way to create content fast and make it effective and aligned with your brand.

User Generated Content Campaign

The other piece of course would be user generated content. Making sure that you’re creating a campaign out there and asking other people to create content around your brand. This tends to be a little bit easier for brands that are more direct-to-consumer or consumer focused. Right, service-based businesses have a little bit of a harder time doing that, but it’s not impossible. It just has to be a little bit more intentional. So I would say, try the word vomit exercise first. Make sure that you’re consistent in how you define those words, make sure that you’re consistent across the board, even if you’re going to be doing UGC and asking consumers or users for content to support the brand. 

Consistent Content

So consistency is key across all of the channels. You've heard me say that time and time again, but I hope that I’ve given you an actual exercise, an actual tactical approach to creating more content, specifically for your social today. 

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