EMBiz: Finding Inspiration

Laurel Mintz

So we had a very honest conversation today about our clients and our team and inspiration and how sometimes there can be points in which you are uninspired by your clients and how do you get past that.

Number one, I think it’s important to know that you can look outside the clients for inspiration so content like this, creativity within the context of your team, those are things that can light you up until you become re-inspired by your clients. I think it’s also very important for us to have an honest conversation with those clients. What is it that we can do to reignite and re-inspire them, which then will have impact with our team and re-inspire them to be more creative and come up with great campaigns and execute those for our clients. It’s never a perfect world. We are always going to have clients that are a pain in the ass, some clients that are great, but you know what tomorrow a brand-new day is, the entire client base could shift tomorrow, and you have no idea what’s coming. I think we too often think about what things could be and that’s where you find the most suffering within yourself is when you try to project what you wish something would be on to your current situation.  So be present, be in the moment, know that this too shall pass. Again, there is nothing constant in life other than change. Look to the things you can control within your environment to re-ignite the joy, the creativity, and inspire you to keep pushing forward.

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