EMBiz: Balance Is Bullshit

Laurel Mintz

Balance is bullshit. That’s really what I wanted to talk about today because I recently just turned forty and I have to say as soon as I turned forty, I instantly gave less fucks. I don’t know if this is what they talk about as you evolve into different, kind of, times in life but when I turned forty I reflected back on all the conversations I’ve had with entrepreneurs and business owners and my team and my family and the truth is that I feel like I’m failing every single day. I might not let you know that I think that I’m failing, but every day I feel like I have failed at something in life.

Whether it’s my relationship, my team, my job, my fitness, my food, no day is ever going to be perfect, but the truth is that I get up every day and I hustle as hard as I possibly can because I know that if today is a bad day, that tomorrow is going to be a good day and I just get up every single day and hope that I have impact in the world and that I leave the world a better place for having me in it. That’s really why I’m here on this planet. That’s why I created my team and I really try to have a good attitude and be positive about it and not take life too seriously.

Everyone fucks up, that’s how life is, but the truth is that people look up to you, people look up to me and so what can you do today to have a positive impact for that person.  Whether it’s giving someone a hug, some words of wisdom or some positive attitude. That’s what I really try to put out in the world and that’s what I hope my team and my environment kind of picks up from me.

Balance is bullshit, don’t try to fight for it, it’s not possible. Just put one foot in front of the other and hustle every single day.

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