EMBiz: 5 People to Bring to a Brainstorm

The 5 People to Bring to a Brainstorm

Laurel Mintz, CEO & Founder

Hey, hey, Laurel Mintz here with Elevate My Brand. Today we are going to talk about the creative process because it’s one of the big questions we get when we are doing new branding or rebranding for a company. So, I want to talk today about the five people you should actually bring to a brainstorm and why brainstorming can be so incredibly valuable.

As you know, as a creative agency, we believe in dreaming big. We want you to reach for the stars and get everything that you want when you are doing your marketing, and that, of course, starts with the foundational brand or branding piece. We actually use what we call rapid prototype brainstorm methodology. It’s actually a process that Google developed to fail fast within their technology sector. This tool allows us to creatively and collaboratively discuss options for creative campaigns and it’s really actually a very fun activity.

What Does A Creative Brainstorm Look Like?

It looks like this. You get into a room or on Zoom. Everyone has a white board, or a word doc. and you set a timer for a very specific amount of time, so five minutes, ten minutes, whatever kind of time you have. Then everyone just kind of word vomits on to that page creative ideas around whatever concept you are brainstorming around. Then we do this almost museum like conversation where everyone goes around, looks at all the boards, or all of the docs and circles the ones that are most executable and easiest to executes and the ones that are the coolest, most out there fun ideas, and then we get together, and we decide which of those are really going to hit the mark for the client.

The 5 People You Want to Invite

Now,  when we are doing these brainstorms, often times we’ll bring our clients into the conversation because they want to be heavily involved with building a brand, especially small businesses and start-ups, so here’s who you should bring to your next brainstorm:

1. The Leader – someone who is going to really drive that process forward and makes sure that there are guardrails around the conversation.

2. The Artist -  This is someone who is going to think really visually about the brand and how to execute those creative campaigns.

3. The Outsider – This is someone who will bring that new perspective, something creative and fun to the table.

4. The Critic – Of course, this is the naysayer of the group who is thinking about why something might fail, or why something might not land, and any other potential pitfall along the way.

5. The Dreamer –  That’s really about dreaming really big and having those huge ideas, maybe even those PR stunts, things that are really fun that are going to get people around you talking.

Those are really the kinds of people you want involved in a creative brainstorm. Here is a little bit about how that process should go or can go to make sure it’s really a fun and engaging opportunity for everyone whether they are on your team or whether you are bringing outside people into that creative ideation campaign brainstorm.

I hope that was helpful. Stay tuned for more from Elevate My Brand. 

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