EMBiz - Whats Under The Marketing Umbrella?

What’s Under the Marketing Umbrella?

Laurel Mintz

Understanding the Marketing Umbrella

Hi everyone, Laurel Mintz here with Elevate My Brand. I get a lot of questions about the difference between marketing and advertising and branding and all of those things. And so we created what we call the marketing umbrella. And I think it’s a really easy, visual way for people to understand the difference and what is actually encompassed in marketing. 

All Things Marketing

So we call it the marketing umbrella because it’s literally an umbrella under which all of the things that you might think relate to marketing exist. We’re talking about branding and messaging, we’re talking about experiential, we’re talking about research and development. We’re talking about packaging. We’re talking about PR. All of those different things are under the overarching marketing umbrella. And at the end of the day, the handle of that umbrella should be visibility and awareness, or conversion to sales. Whatever that KPI is that you’re specifically tracking towards for each of those channels that we just talked about. So marketing is the big picture conversation under which a lot of those activities lie.

Hold the Umbrella Tight

But marketing is literally the act of getting you in front of the right audience, and then it’s really about the channels that you do that within. And of course it has to depend on your budget, your channels, your focus in terms of audience, and of course your tests in terms of what you should be spending more of your time and effort under, under that marketing umbrella. So I hope that that gives you kind of a visual reference for how to think about marketing and how to focus your efforts as you go out into the marketing world.

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