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What to Expect from your Marketing Agency

Laurel Mintz

Marketing vs Advertising

Hi everyone, Laurel Mintz here with Elevate My Brand. We’ve talked to you a lot about what to expect from your marketing agency. And if you haven’t been with us in some time, we want to kind of revisit what an agency does and more importantly the difference between marketing and advertising. So we have this amazing graphic that we’ve developed that is the marketing umbrella. Under that umbrella, are all of the things that an agency might do. PR, social, advertising, content, research, analytics, all of those KPIs that you are looking for to track the success of your brand. 

Full service vs single-focused agencies

Now what I do want to point out is that different agencies do different things. So while we are what we call a full-service agency which means we holistically approach both your digital and your experiential or offline efforts, most agencies actually only focus on one thing.

Now I created the agency in this methodology because what we found was that startup and middle market brands really needed support throughout the entire lifecycle of the growth of the company. And that’s, if we’re doing our job right, really how we’re helping to take them through from baby startup to successful middle-market and potentially to an exit. 

Full service agencies are easier to manage

So, it’s entirely up to you in terms of the kinds of agencies you want to work with, but we found that especially in startup land, you really only want to develop one relationship with one agency that’s going to execute and develop and design your holistic marketing plan. There are a lot of agencies out there that, like I said, do just a sliver of that, and it’s hard for all of those agencies to have to be managed by the company and the C-suite. It’s a lot of different checks to write, so from a budgetary standpoint, it’s also potentially less efficient. And oftentimes, those different teams don’t talk to each other in an effective way. So a lot of times we’ll come in and we’ll actually do a outsource CMO model and fold all of the different marketing teams up underneath us so that we can create some consistencies across all the marketing teams. Or of course, working with an agency like Elevate, you can work with us because we understand every single component of your marketing and how each funnel of your marketing really speaks intelligently to each other and supports your overall marketing growth. So that’s the difference between marketing and advertising and what to expect from your marketing agency or different agency models out there. So make sure you go out there, and choose wisely. 

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