EMBiz - What Is The Marketing Funnel?

What is the Marketing Funnel?

Laurel Mintz

How to Create Your Marketing Funnel

Hi everyone, Laurel Mintz here with Elevate My Brand. I know that you’ve heard us talk about the marketing funnel so many times, but today I’m actually doing to give you a homework assignment. So this is an activity that we do when we do our Digital Mindmaps, which is really a holistic approach to understanding omnichannel, what you’re doing and how to best implement your marketing budgets per channel ect… So this is a small slice of that activity that we do on the client side. 

Reevaluate your touchpoints

So you’ve heard me say that before the pandemic, it was about 6 to 8 touchpoints before someone really knew, liked, and trusted your brand. Now that we are in the pandemic, post-pandemic(ish), we’ll say, it’s almost more than doubled: 8 to 16+ touchpoints. And that’s simply because digital is where everyone is at (we already knew that and we told you that for a while), but it is now being realized in terms of what we’re seeing in terms of competition on all these digital channels. So, in order for you to compete, you need to be really meaningful and intentional about how you are on each of these channels. 

Plan your marketing funnel

So, your homework for today is to develop and design your sixteen touchpoints. So this could be a grid, this could be an actual funnel, just think about what are the marketing and sales channels you currently use and how many touchpoints over whatever period of time you want to do. You could do a week, you could do a month, I would probably suggest a month cause that will give you a more holistic perspective on what you’re doing month-over-month. And then actually line item out every single email, every single social post, every ad. So play both in organic and paid and really actually draw out what that campaign or those campaigns looks like. So go out there and actually create your marketing funnel, instead of just talking about it.

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