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Quality vs Quantity in Influencer Marketing

Laurel Mintz

Find the Influencer Right for Your Brand

Hi everyone, Laurel Mintz here with Elevate My Brand. Just like the content conversation, we’re still talking about influencer marketing and whether it’s worth it. I think people are still very confused about the difference between macro, micro and even nano in terms of what kinds of influencers would be the right fit for your brand. 

Macro Versus Micro Influencers

I would argue that the macro influencers, the celebrities influencers, are not influencers unless you are a big brand that are really going to move the needle for you. And plus, most of us just frankly don’t have the budget to spend on that kind of celebrity. More of the micro influencers, you know those could be anywhere ranging from 100,000 followers up to a couple million followers. 

Influencer Aggregation Platforms

For us it’s really more about the engagement. And I’ll say that, you know, where it use to be the wild wild west, now there’s a ton of different platforms out there that you can actually use to help you develop these kinds of campaigns. And we use an agency only platform where we create the creative brief for the influencer, we get inbound from them so that we can actually kind of cultivate and pick through and make sure that the engagement rates are where they need to be, that their numbers are where we want them to be, so you can kind of do some marketing math in that and understand what the return on investing on the influencer is going to be like. The other really great thing about using a platform is that everything is done on platform, so all the taxes, all the payments to the influencers. They aggregate all of those data points so that you can have a report of whether that was effective long term or not, especially if your KPI is visibility and awareness and not necessarily a click-thru to a sale. 

Nano Influencer Pros and Cons

The other really cool piece is nano influencers, or another cool option is nano influencers. And those tend to have a lot fewer in their audience and their numbers are less, but their engagement rates can go through the roof. 

Audience Versus Engagement

So it’s really a quality versus a quality conversation I think. For those of you looking to get into the world of influencer marketing, I will say that the one-off, kind of wild wild west, building out your own lists and doing all the follow-up and making sure that they have product, and making sure that they’re posting, and making sure that the posts are appropriate, it is a pain in the you know what, and our team, we won’t even do it that way anymore. It just doesn’t make sense. You end up spending the same amount of money and have a lot less impact for the campaign. So do yourself a favor, either work with an agency, or find one of those content influencer aggregation platforms out there so you can do it all on one platform and make your life so much easier and really use these platforms for what they’re good for. Which is really aggregating all of the influencers that are right for your specific category. So you can get a lot more bang for your buck.

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