EMBiz - Picking The Right Social Platforms

Picking The Right Social Platforms

A question that we get a lot from companies that we are working with or looking to work with is “What are the right social channels for my company?” Now, there are a lot of options out there. Here is the basic breakdown on which channels are right for you. 


First let’s talk about Facebook. We love Facebook as a platform to test. It is a lot less expensive in terms of ad spend, so it is a great platform to AB Test. I would definitely start there if you’re going to be advertising. 


LinkedIn is much more of a B2B play. You can really drill down and target specifically focused on actual titles. But, it’s a much more expensive spend which is why Facebook is the right channel to start the test on so that when you move your dollars over to LinkedIn, you know that you’re spending the money in the right way. 


Then we have Twitter which is its own animal, and I think it’s very hard to build a platform there. They do have advertising, though it is not an area of expertise for us at Elevate My Brand. We really focus on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and of course now we have to deal with Tik Tok.

Tik Tok

Tik Tok is a really important platform to understand that you really shouldn’t be advertising on it unless you are a more established brand. It really takes a lot of brand equity and knowledge of a brand to make Tik Tok the right platform for you. Plus, it’s way more expensive than any of the other channels currently. 


Instagram ties in with Facebook. We think that this is one of the better platforms for CPG (consumer packaged goods) brands. Anyone who is selling directly to consumers is really going to look to stay on the Facebook and Instagram channels. 

Have more questions on which social channels you should be using? Contact us today and we’ll do a really fun mindmap to figure out your social media strategy.